Sub MkIIP portable DISSUB monitor

Navy personnel taking a reading from Sub MkIIP  Sub MKIIP

The Sub MKIIP is a portable monitor which has been specifically designed for use in a distressed submarine (DISSUB) escape and rescue situation. It is a lifesaving decision-making tool, and the only continuous gas monitor capable of meeting the requirements of NATO STANAG 1320 Ed4.

In a DISSUB situation, the senior survivor needs to determine whether the crew needs to escape the submarine, or wait for rescue. The Sub MKIIP provides critical information on the state of the atmosphere inside the submarine, enabling a decision to be made.

Over 700 units are in active service with more than 20 nations. Each unit is subjected to extensive testing, ensuring that the accuracy and reliability of each unit is never compromised.

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Key features of the Sub MKIIP portable DISSUB monitor

Gases monitored

Where can it be used?

The Sub MKIIP is portable and lightweight with a handle, meaning it can be used to monitor different locations on a submarine. We recommend having a Sub MKIIP in all areas of a submarine, in case a DISSUB situation occurs.

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Sub MKIIP Aftersales Information

Nato Stock Numbers

NATO stock numbers for the Sub MKIIP

Spares and accessories

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NATO stock numberReferenceDescription
6665-99-496-6285 SA1W75SR60N561

Sub MkIIP:
O2: 0-2000mBar ppO2
CO2: 0-10% SEV ppCO2
Depth: 0 to 90MSW
Temp: 0 – 40 Deg C
With datalogging capability

6630-99-811-2621 SA1W75SR60N541C Sub MkIIP:
O2: 0-200% SEV ppO2
CO2: 0-10% SEV ppCO2
Depth: 0.8 to 10Bar A
Temp: 0 – 40 Deg C
With datalogging capability
6630-01-532-7090 SA1W75SR60N564 Sub MkIIP: O2: 0-200% SEV ppO2
CO2: 0-10% SEV ppCO2
Depth: 0-300 FSW
Temp: 32 to 104 Deg F
With datalogging capability
6135-99-601-9197 AS2-607 Sub MKIIP power pack (UK Navy only)
6135-00-835-7210 2557-4625 Sub MkIIP pressure tested D cells
  SA2W75UNIPOWER  Universal power cable
  SAW75USPOWER  US power cable
  SAEPAS2602  Data download cable
  SAEPAS2605  DC power cable
  SUBCAL  Annual calibration of Sub MkIIP unit

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