Sub Mk3P Portable DISSUB Monitor


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Introducing the New DISSUB Gas Monitor

Built on the success of the Sub MkIIP, we are pleased to introduce the Sub Mk3P DISSUB gas monitor.

The major advantage of the Sub Mk3P is it allows you to be self sufficient in the operation and maintenance of the unit giving you total control of your assets. You will no longer need to return the unit for routine maintenance, instead Analox can train personnel within your organisation to enable them to carry out all work in the dockyard.

Continuing to meet NATO STANAG 1476:2014 (ANEP/MNEP-86) the Sub Mk3P is an intuitive submarine escape analyser which ensures minimal operator use. Should you find yourself in a DISSUB situation the Sub Mk3P equips you with the information you need to help with the difficult decision as to whether you escape or wait for rescue forces.

This hyperbaric multi gas detector monitors and displays the partial pressure of oxygen (O2) and partial pressure of carbon dioxide (CO2) in addition to pressure, temperature and humidity, enabling the senior survivor to make informed, timely life saving decisions.

We are proud to be a key supplier for over 15 years to the submarine escape and rescue community and your dedicated account managers are ready to assist with your inquiry.


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Key features of the Sub Mk3P portable DISSUB monitor


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