Submarine escape and rescue

Accurate monitoring of the submarine atmosphere is crucial in selecting the appropriate course of action in the case of escape and rescue. In any distressed submarine (DISSUB) situation, the senior survivor has to decide whether to continue waiting for rescue or to initiate an emergency escape.

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This decision must be informed by accurate, up-to-date information on the submarine's atmosphere. Analox Military Systems escape and rescue analysers are developed in response to this requirement, and offer an effective alternative to the traditional solution which involves pressure-correcting colorimetric tubes.

In the early 1990s we produced our first hyperbaric continuous real-time air analyser for submarine escape and rescue. We have extensive experience in designing systems for submarine rescue systems and have supplied analysers to over 80% of the world's submarine rescue systems.

We are proud to be the only supplier of a continuous analyser (Sub MkIIP) which meets the requirements of NATO STANAG 1320 ED4 ‘Minimum requirements for atmosphere monitoring located in submarines with escape capability’ and is the market-leading gas analyser. It was tested extensively in both DISSUB and Survivex exercises.

Bespoke monitoring systems for submarine escape and rescue

We also have extensive experience of bespoke monitoring systems for escape and rescue. In 2003, we were commissioned to provide atmosphere monitoring instruments for the NATO Submarine Rescue System (NSRS) and in 2004 we provided atmosphere monitoring equipment for the US Navy Submarine Rescue Dving and Recompression System and Pressurized Rescue Module (SRDRS PRM). We have also designed, manufactured and supplied gas monitoring systems for the Japanese Navy and supplied hyperbaric monitoring systems to James Fisher Defence for use on both the Singapore SRV DSAR-6 and the Swedish Navy SRV URF.

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