COSAMS Submarine Carbon Monoxide Monitor

The ‘carbon monoxide submarine atmosphere monitoring system’ (COSAMS) offers continuous real-time monitoring of carbon monoxide (CO) on board a submarine. The generation of Carbon monoxide on board a submarine can result from both routine, and emergency operations. For example, both cooking, the incomplete combustion of diesel fuel and use of chlorate candles can result in CO being present routinely in the submarine atmosphere. Whereas a fire could result in significant quantities of CO being produced in non routine circumstances.

Standard carbon monoxide electrochemical sensors are extremely cross sensitive to hydrogen making them unsuitable to use within submarine environments as hydrogen is constantly produced during the charging of submarine lead acid batteries. The main benefit of the COSAMS sensor is it’s an infra-red sensor, which uses a Gas Filter Correlation (GFC) technique to ensure it is not sensitive to hydrogen and no 'false positives'/ false alarms are created.

COSAMS provides local real-time information and alarms on the CO concentrations in the compartments in which its installed, eg the living spaces and/ or machinery spaces. In addition it can provide a 4-20mA signal to a central Submarine Air Monitoring System, or the Submarine Platform Management System. The system provides accurate data on the submarine atmosphere in order to enable submariners to manage it effectively and safely during routine and emergency operations and boat maintenance periods.

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