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Submarine escape and rescue is a community Analox Military Systems have been a part of since 1997. Analox has gained extensive experience in designing and manufacturing submarine atmosphere monitoring systems. Contact us today

By combining our knowledge of gas sensing techniques with our understanding of the submarine environment, diving and hyperbaric systems, we are able to offer a full range of atmosphere monitoring systems for; routine submarine atmosphere monitoring, submarine escape and rescue and deployment of special forces from submarines and submersibles.

A submarine is a sealed environment in which the crew live and work for up to 90 days. The atmosphere must be carefully managed - not only to ensure the boat is capable of supporting life while submerged, but also to limit exposure to potentially harmful substances.

We understand the complexities of environmental pressure, temperature and humidity variations and are committed to using our expertise to remain the first choice for gas monitoring for the world's submarine nations. Using our unique pressure-correction technology we can ensure that our gas analysers provide accurate readings for the essential life gases in the dynamic submarine environment.


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These adaptable technologies find applications not only in escape and rescue but also in systems which are used for special operations diver deployment and routine gas analysis. We are committed to using our expertise to become the first choice for atmosphere monitoring for the world's submarine nations.


 Our submarine gas detection solutions include:

We work with a number of international clients, including the Royal Navy, Royal Norwegian Navy, Royal Netherlands Navy and US Navy.


If you have a specific requirement that we have not already addressed, please contact us, as we also offer bespoke submarine systems.


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