Deployment of special forces

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Submarines are increasingly used for the insertion of special forces for covert missions. This brings military diving into the submarine environment and with it presents its own set of unique gas monitoring issues.

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There are challenges not only in the design of the gas monitoring system with a need to monitor the partial pressure of gases within the hyperbaric compartments on the boat to ensure divers are compressed, monitor the partial pressure within the diver delivery submersible, but also in the selection of materials suitable for a hyperbaric (enriched oxygen atmosphere).

Another challenge is to provide breathable air for the divers - either when they are in the diving chambers or breathing from dive cylinders. The concentration of contaminants allowed in diving grade air (to EN12021 or equivalent) are significantly lower than those allowed in submarine air, so if the submarine air is being used to fill dive cylinders this can be problematic.

This is where Analox can bring their experience in hyperbaric analysing, designing submarine atmosphere monitoring and contaminant monitoring systems into effect. 

We pffer a wide range of Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) products which can be used to monitor your Dry Deck Shelter.

We also can provide bespoke monitoring systems. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.