Analox Military Systems specialises in the design, manufacture and through-life support of atmosphere monitoring systems for use in armoured vehicles, bunkers, citadels and safe havens.

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In the event of a lock-down situation, monitoring the quality of the atmosphere becomes a vital life support-task. The vehicle, or safe haven is typically 'locked-down' by increasing its atmospheric pressure, preventing the ingress of contaminant gases. Lock-downs can take place for periods exceeding 24-hours.

While people are living and working in these environments during a lock-down they are all generating carbon dioxide and consuming oxygen. They may also be using equipment and machinery that in turn causes contamination.

For example in the case of an armoured vehicle, two gases pose the biggest risk. Carbon monoxide (CO) is present in exhaust fumes and is also generated inside the vehicle when weapons are fired. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is created by respiration of personnel inside the vehicle; increases in CO2 levels can cause tiredness and a reduced state of alertness, which could potentially cost lives.

Analox Military Systems can offer various sensor solutions which will aid life support:

All options can be integrated into the vehicle's platform management system, or a safe-haven's operating control system.

If you require a tailored solution more suited to your specific requirements, we can offer bespoke gas monitoring solutions.

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