SDA O2 for decompression chambers


Oxygen is one of the most critical parameters to monitor on any dive system as not only are low levels of oxygen dangerous, but high levels can pose a fire risk or cause toxicity in the body. It is vital the divers receive the correct partial pressure (pp) of O2 in order to live and work comfortably.

The SDA O2 can be used in a wide range of areas in order to assist divers including decompression chambers, saturation diving and gas cylinder monitoring.

The Canadian Fleet Diving Unit say "We use the SDA range on our recompression chambers. They have been working very well for us, maintenance is minimal and they do a great job of monitoring the environment inside the chambers."

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Key features

Gases monitored

Where can it be used?

The SDA O2 monitor can be used to monitor the air which is supplied to divers to make sure that the level of oxygen supplied to divers is correct, which is important if divers are using a blended gas like nitrox or heliox. It can also be used to measure oxygen levels in gas cylinders with the use of a flow adaptor.

The SDA O2 can also be used in decompression chambers which need to be used if a diver surfaces too quickly and is at risk of decompression sickness. The unit can be mounted inside or outside the chamber.

It can also be used in saturation diving systems, surface supplied surface diving as well as hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

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Spares and accessories

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XK0-662 24V DC UK plug panel mount power supply 40W
XK0-667 24V DC universal plug panel mount power supply 40W
XK0-447K SDA CO2 5001 USN compatibiity plate (SDA O2)


Replacement CO sensor (SDA CO)

MECCOBBBP MEC CO module (0 to 20ppm)
2533-1005 Power supply filter for bridge and deck zone use (Lloyds test spec 1 compliance)
8000-0069A Flow adaptor
SDAMONCON SDA Phoenix connector pack
SDAOMCURRENT 4-20mA output module with 2 off relays

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