Military Diving


We have developed and supplied unrivalled gas analyzers for military diving for over thirty years. We offer the perfect choice of NATO-coded analysers for air and saturation divers in a number of fields including: police diving, army diving and navy diving as well as offering a bespoke design capability. 


Saturation diving

A successful diving operation depends on a comfortable, safe environment and accurate gas monitoring at every stage of the diving process. Analox Military Systems offer a range of products to help monitor for gases, including the SDA range of monitors which can be used to measure carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxygen, helium, depth/pressure and temperature/humidity.

Surface-supplied diving

Analox Military Systems monitors are used on hundreds of commercial surface-supplied (air diving) systems around the world. Our comprehensive range of products can help you comply with standards, eradicate contaminants and achieve IMCA compliance.

Mixed-gas diving

Our nitrox, trimix and heliox gas analysers are tried and tested, allowing you to monitor the concentration of oxygen in your gas cylinder with confidence.

Rebreather diving

An oxygen sensor is used in a rebreather to allow for the recycling of exhaled air; removing carbon dioxide and gradually replacing depleted oxygen. We can supply oxygen and carbon dioxide sensors to suit your requirements. 

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