MEC digital gas sensors for OEM systems

MEC sensor

The MEC range offers a range of robustly-housed, cost-effective, digital gas sensors, designed for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) systems.

If you wish to monitor sub-ppm levels of gas, the TEC range is also available.

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Key features of the MEC toxic gas sensor range

Gases monitored

Where can it be used?

The MEC range of sensors have been designed to use in your own gas monitoring system. It is small enough to be integrated almost anywhere. Each housing has a gas port for easy installation.

We also use MEC digital sensors in our own products, including the ACG+.

Technical information

NATO stock numbers

NATO stock numbers for the MEC toxic gas sensors range

Spares and accessories

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NATO stock numberReferenceDescription
6515-99-990-0673 9100-9212-9HM O2 sensor for use within the O2 MEC sensor module

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