Compressed breathing air


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Compressed breathing air is used in a variety of military applications including: firefighting, diving, medical decompression and emergency breathing air.

Anyone who utilises breathing air compressors, breathing air cylinders and process air compressors needs to ensure the quality of their compressed breathing air.

Analox Military Systems offers a wide range of compressed breathing air monitors including the ACG+, CO Clear and the MEC and TEC range of digital sensors.

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Why is compressed breathing air used?

Compressed breathing air is produced by a breathing air compressor and purification system. The air protects workers engaged in tasks like sandblasting, spray painting, chemical spill clean-up, welding, grinding, pipe and tank cleaning and similar activities where repeat exposure can pose a health threat.

What is a compressor?


What are the different types of compressed breathing air systems?

Why do you need a compressed breathing air analyser?

Relevant standards including BS EN 12021, DEF STAN 68-284,  Navsea SS521-AK-HBK-010 and BS 8478 require adherence to specific limits of constituents in breathing air.

Fatal accidents have occurred where workers have been supplied from a contaminated breathing air supply. By having an online analyser you eliminate these potential risks by continuously monitoring, ensuring you are adhering to the required safety standards.

Common compressed breathing air risks

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