CO Clear carbon monoxide monitor

CO Clear

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a dangerous and potentially lethal gas, the effects of which increase with pressure as the partial pressure of CO increases.

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The CO Clear carbon monoxide monitor is a wall mounted analyser in an IP65 ABS enclosure, designed to provide continuous monitoring of compressed breathing air for the presence of CO in breathing gas compressor lines.

The CO Clear is installed inline on a compressor - after the compressor inlet but before the cylinders - to warn of potential CO contamination before it reaches the cylinders or users.

The CO Clear is designed to take a 6 mm outside diameter (OD) reduced sample line, providing a flow rate of 1.5 l/min.

It is available as either a 230v AC or 110v AC or 24v DC powered, and fitted with UK, Euro, US or Australia plugs. The CO Clear monitors CO in the range of 0-10ppm, provides a large digital display and audio visual alarms set at 3ppm and 5ppm.

A range of options are available, including relay outputs which can be used to switch off the compressor or sound a remote alarm. Analox Military Systems can also offer a pressure regulator/reducer if required.



To fit the CO Clear you will need a drilling template

Spares and accessories



Replacement CO sensor


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