Sub MkIIIF for hypobaric chambers


The Analox Sub MkIIIF is a hypobaric atmosphere monitoring system capable of measuring oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2), pressure (depth), temperature and relative humidity.

Can Uzunsoy of Istanbul Shipyard says: "Your (Sub MKIIIF) analysers are very important for our ships (rescue and underwater systems abilities), you are a partner of valuable efforts"

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Monitoring oxygen within the hypobaric chamber used for crew training is vital to ensure that:

The Sub MkIIIF consists of a display unit, which is typically located in the chamber control panel, and a remote sensor unit (REM) which is located inside the hypobaric chamber. The REM will continuously monitor the partial pressure of O2 and CO2 in addition to pressure - these can be displayed in partial pressure or volumetric units of measurement. The REM will operate to altitudes of 40,000ft.

By locating the sensor unit inside the chamber you gain the benefit of:



Spares and accessories

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MIRBGNX4S 0 to 50mBar CO2 sensor in N2
SA1HAT690 Spare temperature and humidity sensor for REM2

FSUB 607 - Spare cable DMC to REM1 or REM2

Spare cable DCM to REM1 or REM2


FSUB 608 - Spare cable from REM2 to REM1

Spare cable from REM2 to REM1

FSUB-609 Spare cable DCM to terminal
2822-0019A Universal in-line power adaptor 24V 65W
2822-0023 DIN rail mount power adaptor
8000-0069A Flow adaptor

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