Analox Military Systems can offer a wide range of gas analysis solutions to the military air sector. 

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Our commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products include oxygen monitoring for hypobaric chambers, used for training aircrew in the hypoxic effects of oxygen (O2) in a controlled environment. Tailored solutions could include sensors and monitoring instrumentation to ensure sufficient delivery of O2 from onboard O2 generation systems (OBOGS).

Monitoring bleed air in aircraft cabins

Bleed air is a hot, high pressure air which is extracted from the compression systems in the engines. Once it is cooled, it is supplied to the cabin and flight deck where it helps cool the engine and airframe, as well as de-icing, pressurising and heating the cabin air in order to maintain a comfortable environment for crew and passengers.

Bleed air can contain carbon monoxide and other contaminants which can break down at high temperatures and release toxic elements which can contaminate the air and contribute to an illness called Aerotoxic Syndrome. Symptoms for Aerotoxic Syndrome include: fatigue, vertigo, memory impairment and seizures.

Hypobaric air chamber monitoring

To prepare pilots and other crew for high altitude environments, training in a hypobaric chamber is undertaken. This allows them to understand what it is like to be exposed to oxygen deprivation (hypoxia), which can lead to disorientation, an inability to carry out simple tasks, through to unconsciousness and death. The training helps them recognise how long it takes them to experience the effects and how they can react in order to recover.

Before entering the chamber and during, pilots and aircrew breathe 100% oxygen to help purge nitrogen from their bloodstream and reduce the risk of decompression sickness. The atmospheric pressure is then reduced and the crew can remove their masks to experience hypoxia.

Oxygen monitoring is essential in a hypobaric chamber, not only to ensure that safe partial pressures of oxygen can be delivered to the crew, but also to ensure that the pure oxygen does not cause a fire risk.



Not only do we offer COTS equipment, but we also have a designated design team that can assist with any bespoke gas monitoring requirements that you may have. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help with your requirements.