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[14/09/16] Analox Military Systems have signed up Ciros Enterprises as a new distributor in Pakistan.

Ciros Enterprises was established in 1981 and is actively involved with the defence departments in Pakistan.

They are a contractor/indenter and suppliers to the Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan Navy in addition to a number of other government departments.

Ciros Enterprises’ head office is in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, in close proximity to the Ministry of Defense.

The products and services they mostly deal with are aircraft and helicopter spare parts and equipment, upgradation of aircrafts, FLIR systems, hovercrafts, rigid hull inflatable boats, pushers and dredgers, runway and road sweepers and spares for boats and marine application.

Jo Burke, Key Account Manager said: “I am delighted that we have signed up Ciros Enterprises as a distributor for AMS. Their contacts will help open doors in the defence markets in Pakistan, and provide us with the opportunity to supply our submarine atmosphere monitoring products to a range of new customers. I have known Ciros Enterprises for a few years and I look forward to working with them .”

To find out more about Ciros Enterprises visit their website or contact them via email ciros1@yahoo.com or phone 0092 336 381 4442

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