Underwater Defence Technology conference (UDT) - have you tried fieldwork yet?

At UDT 2015

[19/06/15] Sometimes there’s no better way to learn about something than to fully immerse yourself in that environment.

People often say the easiest way to learn a different language is to live in that country in order to be constantly surrounded by their spoken word, you therefore have no alternative other than to learn how to communicate with those around you.

This can also be applied in the workplace, the more you’re surrounded by the products, services, technology, or people who use what sometimes feels like a foreign language when industry specific acronyms, market specific terms and general office lingo are thrown in, the more you’ll understand.

I’m inclined to agree, having just returned from UDT (Underwater Defence Technology) conference in Rotterdam, my knowledge of this fascinating industry has significantly increased. Being involved in detailed discussions with several different navy's to further investigate what daily challenges they face in the environment they work in, and what we can offer to help solve them, really put the work we do into perspective.

Analox Military Systems offers bespoke solutions tailored to suit individual boats and the varying needs of different crews. The Analox team are experts in monitoring the atmosphere of hostile environments.

I have definitely felt the benefit of being submerged (pardon the pun) in this world and would recommend for anyone, if possible, to get out of the office and see what your business does in real life.

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