UDWG- Analox Military Systems will be there

[08/03/16] Analox Military Systems will be at UDWG in 2016.

As you may already know, this year’s NATO Underwater Diving Working Group (UDWG) is being held in Hamburg in April.  Analox Military Systems (AMS) will be attending the official Industry Reception on Wednesday 13 April, showcasing our wide range of gas detection solutions and sharing our expert knowledge with the group.

Analox prides itself on offering the highest quality and most reliable off-the-shelf products, designed to monitor oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, helium, hydrocarbons, temperature, pressure and humidity. In addition, our custom design capability ensures our expertise is the first choice for specialist gas monitoring.

Our ACG+ is a multi gas compressor monitor which ideally can be used as a fixed or portable unit, commonly used ‘inline’ on air compressors. The multi-sensor gas analyser, designed for checking the output from breathing air compressors, is an essential piece of equipment to ensure that any airborne contaminants are detected before they reach the point of delivery. The ACG+ continually monitors for O2, CO2, CO, volatile organic compounds and water vapour, and it has a sample port to allow periodic checks for oil mist.

We also offer our Analox SDA range of fixed, panel-mounted (or rack-mounted) diving analysers for monitoring O2, CO2, CO, temperature, depth and humidity. SDAs are generally used in decompression chambers, dive control areas, helium (He) reclaim systems, diving bells, and hyperbaric lifeboats. The SDA range is designed with the latest digital technology and is easily configurable with interchangeable sensors and software.

Our systems provide life-safety functions for diving environments, come and speak to us at the UDWG Reception, or get in touch to talk about our capabilities and how we can provide a solution for you.

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