Introducing the TEC CO digital sensor

TEC CO sensor

[25/10/16] Analox Military Systems is proud to announce a brand new range of electrochemical sensors for detecting toxic gases at parts per billion (sub-ppm) level.

The TEC (Toxic Electrochemical Cell) sensors are a range of OEM sensors that are backward-compatible with the existing MEC (mini electrochemical) range and offer the same modular approach to gas monitoring.

The first variant scheduled for release is the TEC CO, a device for monitoring very low levels of carbon monoxide (CO).

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a toxic and dangerous gas which can cause health problems even at low concentrations. The TEC CO sensor can measure between 0ppm to 30ppm CO, with a resolution of 0.01ppm.

It is housed in a robust miniature enclosure rated for IP55 ingress protection, with built-in temperature compensation and an RS485 digital output via Analox communications protocol.

The TEC CO can be supplied as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) component for third-party systems integration or incorporated in Analox products such as the SDA CO+ or the ACG+, built specifically for applications measuring sub-ppm gas values.

The TEC CO can be installed either in the open environment or directly in the gas path.

The TEC CO sensor was developed with signal stability in mind and uses a sophisticated 4-pin electrochemical sensor which provides greater sensitivity than a 3-pin type. The cell’s ‘plug-in’ mounting ensures that the pins have very short tracks to the circuit board for improved noise immunity. This connection arrangement not only maximises sensor performance but also simplifies routine maintenance such as cell replacement.

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