DMS Diving Club test out O2EII Pro

The DMS Diving Club

 The DMS Diving club on the beach on Ascension Island

[07/09/16]  The Defence Medical Services (DMS) Diving Club have taken their O2EII Pro out for a test drive in the South Atlantic Ocean.

The DMS club have returned from a trip to Ascension Island, which took place between 4-16 July.

The diving club are based at the Royal Centre for Medicine in Birmingham and have previously organised overseas expeditions for injured personnel and healthcare professionals.

Last year they visited the Red Sea, Sudan, and identified the need for a nitrox analyser so they could dive on nitrox for future expeditions. Nitrox is usually a mixture of nitrogen (N2) and oxygen (O2), with an O2 concentration higher than the 21% found in normal air.

Analox Military Systems (AMS) donated an O2EII Pro nitrox analyser to the club, which they took with them on their latest trip, so they could check the concentration of O2 in their dive gas mix directly from the tank.

Using the O2EII Pro

Using the O2EII Pro to check levels of oxygen in a diving gas tank.

The trip was organised for 12 military personnel within the defence medical services, with the aim to provide them with diver training, so they can assist on future expeditions with the DMS diving club.

Henrietta Poon, Specialty Registrar, West Midlands Deanery, said: “During the trip we successfully trained up three nurses and one doctor from complete novices to sports diver level. Those who were already trained from previous trips gained more experience in boat handling and dive planning. Some of the people that went on this trip will be going to Sri Lanka later in December, which is our next planned expedition.”

AMS will provide a further update when the DMS Diving Club return from their trip to Sri Lanka.

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