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[24/08/16] Ocean-Tech was founded in 2008 and is a Polish company that provides diving equipment for commercial and military divers and compressors.

Products they sell include diving helmets, full face masks, underwater communication, dry suits, compressors and gas analysis.

Waldemar Kozielec is the Managing Director of Ocean-Tech.

The company started working with Analox in 2013, they support the Polish Navy with Analox diving products such as the ATA Pro and O2EII.

Ata Pro

The ATA Pro

Bespoke SDA system

In 2014 AMS worked with Ocean-Tech to build a bespoke SDA system for the Polish Naval Academy.

The SDA was designed and manufactured into a rack to monitor a range of parameters from a decompression chamber in a submarine.

It was composed of an SDA CO2 monitor and CO2 module, an SDA He monitor and MEC, an SDA CO monitor and MEC, and an SDA O2 monitor and MEC.

The rack included a flow meter to ensure sufficient flow was delivered to the analysers, and the software was upgraded with ethernet capabilities, to allow connection to the end user’s logging system. The logging system receives data transmitted from the SDA containing the sensor reading and alarm/fault state, and is updated every second.

Ocean-Tech are now trialling an ACG+ to check the quality of air in government agencies.

'Good knowledge'

Jo Burke, Key Accounts Manager, said: “Ocean-Tech are lovely to work with, their English is good and they have a good knowledge of the markets.”

Waldemar said: “We chose to work with Analox Military Systems because this company is a worldwide leader in equipment for analysing gases for commercial and military markets. They have a wide range of products for divers, submarines and hyperbaric chambers which we can use in Poland. I like the contact, customer service and professional care I receive from our Key Account Manager Jo, and they are also quick to respond to any questions I have.”

To find out further information about Ocean-Tech visit their website

You can also get in contact with them by emailing pro@ocean-tech.pl.

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