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[11/01/17] Håkon Rygh is a Norwegian gas-detection company. They have been an official distributor of Analox Military Systems products since 2014, although the two companies worked together for a number of years prior to this.

Founded in the late 1960s, Håkon Rygh provide a range of gas analysis equipment and systems for military applications, as well as training and maintenance.

The Managing Director of Håkon Rygh is Tom Arne Øijordsbakken. He joined the company as a Senior Sales/Service Engineer in 2008, becoming Managing Director in 2013.

Håkon Rygh also have a strong presence in the commercial sector, working with the food, process and offshore industry, as well as oil refineries and laboratories.

The company has worked with Analox Military Systems on a carbon monoxide submarine atmosphere monitoring system used on submarines. Carbon monoxide is generated on submarines by cooking, the combustion of fuel and the use of chlorate candles so it is important to monitor this toxic gas. The Analox CO submarine atmosphere monitoring system is not cross sensitive to hydrogen or water vapour, unlike most standard carbon monoxide monitors.

Håkon Rygh sell Analox products including the ACG+ multi gas compression monitor, ATA Pro trimix analyser and the Sub MKIIP DISSUB gas monitor, as well as spares and accessories.

Ian Childes, Technical Service Engineer at Analox Military Systems said “Håkon Rygh are very easy to work with and are always striving to achieve more, a trait they share with the team at Analox. They are currently working on a new website to showcase their products, which will go live early in 2017, and we’re looking forward to seeing it.”

Tom Arne said “We’re pleased to represent Analox Military Systems in Norway and we’re looking forward to continuing our strong relationship with them over the coming years.”

For more information about Håkon Rygh, visit their website, email them at  info@haakon-rygh.no or call +47 55 11 32 90.

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