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[03/08/16] Analox Military Systems (AMS), will be attending the Asia Pacific Submarine Conference (APSC) in September.

APSC is a navy-to-navy conference bringing together regional submarine operating and other navies to discuss issues on submarine survivability, escape and interoperability of rescue assets.

It is being held in Fremantle, Western Australia, and to coincide with the event there will also be an exclusive reception/exhibition on 21 September.

The reception is being sponsored by several companies, including AMS, and will consist of a small exhibition as well as a reception for delegates and guests of APSC.

Several nations have been invited to the event including Australia, France, Japan and Sweden.

AMS will be available to provide advice and guidance on the different gas detection solutions we provide for submarine environments.

On display we will be showing the Sub MkIIP, which is in active service in more than 20 nations, and meets the requirements of NATO STANAG 1320 ED4 for atmosphere monitoring located in submarines with escape capability.

It provides critical information on the state of the DISSUB atmosphere, enabling the senior survivor and crew to make lifesaving decisions.

We will also have the Sub Aspida, a portable dual carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2) gas monitor ideal for routine checks of a submarine.

The unique aspect of the Sub Aspida is that it offers partial pressure O2 and CO2 monitoring over the submarine operating pressure range and won’t give false alarms.

As it is portable, the Sub Aspida can be worn on the belt of a submarine operator, or clipped onto the operator panel and used as backup to a fixed gas detection monitor.

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