Analox Military Systems proud to be sponsors of SMERWG

Sub MKIIP gas analyser

[25/05/16] Analox Military Systems (AMS), will be attending NATO Submarine Escape and Rescue Working Group (SMERWG) in June as primary sponsors.

SMERWG is being held in Portsmouth from 7 to 10 June, with an official industry reception on 8 June.

It is the 10th anniversary of this event which encourages the development and implementation of military standardisation within the global Submarine Escape, Rescue and Abandonment (SMERAS) community.

It is usually held over four or five days and around 34 nations participate, sending approximately 120 delegates who share information and discuss their SMERAS activities.

Analox have extensive experience in designing systems for Submarine Rescue Systems and we are proud to be the only supplier of a continuous analyser, the Sub MkIIP, which meets the requirements of NATO STANAG 1320 ED4 for atmosphere monitoring located in submarines with escape capability.

The Sub MkIIP provides information on the state of the DISSUB atmosphere to the senior survivor and crew enabling them to make critical lifesaving decisions.

Other gas detection solutions we will be showcasing include COSAMS (Carbon Monoxide Submarine Monitoring System) which provides continuous real-time monitoring of carbon monoxide (CO) in living accommodation and machinery spaces on submarines.

We will also be available to provide advice and guidance on diver deployment services, as we recognise that submarines are increasingly used for the insertion of Special Forces for covert missions. This brings military diving into the submarine environment with a need to monitor the partial pressure of gases within the hyperbaric compartments on the boat to ensure divers are compressed and decompressed safely. We have a number of commercial off the shelf products which could be used as platforms to satisfy these specific needs.

We are also a supplier of bespoke solutions for submarine atmosphere monitoring, as we understand the complexities of the environment in terms of pressure, temperature and humidity variations.

One of the solutions AMS offer is a centralised atmosphere analyser (AA) that monitors up to 30 gases from various locations. The AA provides real-time continuous monitoring of life support gases and trace gases and submarine pressure is also monitored. This makes it ideal for nuclear boats (and potentially air independent propulsion boats) which need to sample a large number of gases at low concentrations.

Jo Burke, Key Account Manager, said: "We have previously attended SMERWG and as it is the 10th anniversary we will be celebrating as primary sponsors of the event. The industry reception will give us the opportunity to meet with several submarine operating nations and see how our gas detection solutions can assist them with the development of their SMERAS capabilities.”

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