Analox 9000 to be discontinued

Analox 9000

[30/11/16] The Analox 9000 monitor will no longer be available to buy after November 2016.

Originally part of the 1000 series for saturation diving, the 9000 monitor was created for helium reclaim monitoring on saturation diving systems.

We will still offer product support for the 9000 monitor until 2019 and the user manual will be available in our legacy product section.

The SDA range has replaced the 1000 series of analysers. The SDA range is easy to calibrate, is compliant with DNV, IMCA, ABS and ADCi standards and has optional datalogging. You can find out more about the SDA range, as well as our other commercial diving products, on our Dive Support Vessel product range page.

The ATA Pro trimix analyser can also be used as an alternative to the Analox 9000.

In order to provide an effective, innovative range of gas monitors, and allow us to focus on developing new products like the TEC CO sensor, it is sometimes necessary to discontinue some of our older monitors. We hope that you understand, and if you have any questions, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

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