AMS win landmark submarine atmosphere monitoring contract with BAE systems

[28/11/14] Military gas detection specialists Analox Military Systems (AMS) have won a contract in excess of one million pounds with BAE Systems to develop a submarine atmosphere monitoring unit for future classes of Royal Navy submarines.

The Atmosphere Analyser project began with a successful collaboration between BAE Systems and the Open University, to establish proof of concept.

To progress the Analyser to a production ready stage BAE Systems issued a request for quotation in 2013, which called for a complete atmosphere monitoring system which could measure continuously, in excess of 20 gases, in the demanding environment of a submarine. After AMS was down-selected, a feasibility study was completed by the company's cross functional team, comprising of contract managers, research engineers, documentation specialists and a dedicated military account management team, to ensure that key aspects of the design would work when on-board.

Once the specification was finalised, BAE Systems awarded AMS a Design, Development and Qualification contract to take the Analyser to a production state. The Atmosphere Analyser will undergo all the above work at AMS’s custom built premises in North Yorkshire which boasts a large R & D team, a laboratory and a factory.

AMS has also agreed a licensing agreement with BAE Systems meaning that the Atmosphere Analyser can be sold by AMS to different submarine nations. This is a deal which promises a huge amount of success for the future of AMS who already supply to 19 of the world’s leading submarine nations.

Mark Lewis, Managing Director of the Analox group said: “We are incredibly proud to be awarded this contract. Analox have been working with navies for over 20 years now and we are excited to be developing a product which will propel our relationships with navies for the next 20 years. The Atmosphere Analyser uses new exciting technologies to ensure we remain at the very forefront of the gas detection industry.”

Mark Scaife, an Engineering Manager at BAE Systems Submarines said: “Nuclear submarines are some of the most complex engineering challenges in the world today, designed to keep the UK Royal Navy safe in some of the most hostile environments known to man.

“The Atmosphere Analyser is capable of giving real-time readings to crews so they can react quickly to any dangerous build-up of gases, an invaluable safeguard and one that can potentially save lives.”

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