Spares and Accessories


We recommend that our products are serviced regularly with routine maintenance carried out. To make things easier, we offer a range of aftersales packages for our products. Find your product below and click on the link to see what support is available.

  • ACG+ Aftersales Package
  • Sub Aspida Aftersales Package

    If you would like to purchase or would like more information about spares and accessories, please make a request here.

    ACG+ Parts by NATO Stock Number


    Reference Number and Description SA7L705XFLIND 0.5LPM 100L bottle regulator
    ACG1/4BSPFA 1/4" BSP female inlet adaptor
    ACG1/4BSPMA 1/4" BSP male inlet adaptor
    ACG1/4NPTFA 1/4" NPT female inlet adaptor
    ACG1/4NPTMA 1/4" NPT male inlet adaptor
    9300-1020 30mm open ended spanner
    P0075-455K Ambient air humidifier kit
    6000-0129 Calibration adaptor
    2562-0008 Combined beacon/sounder 24V DC IP65


    ACGEXTPSU External power supply for fixed only

    6130-99-907-1799 ACGPEXTPSU External power supply for fixed or portable   9100-3500 Gastec Airtec tube (oil mist) 109A pack of 10 6665-99-507-4401 6000-0201 Inlet/calibration adaptor 4240-99-171-9381 6000-0102 Inlet particle filter element   9100-2060/LP Lamp 6665-99-932-8196 P0149-605L Lithium ion battery and charger 4240-99-162-8490 MECCOBBAP MEC CO full sensor module 4240-99-154-7773 MECO2ABAP MEC O2 full sensor module 4240-99-313-5146 MECVOCBAP MEC VOC full sensor module 4240-99-350-5887 9100-2060 MEC VOC cell (PID) 6665-99-155-2146 P0149-605N Nickel hybride battery and charger 6665-99-234-5981 SA7L110173 Nitrogen background span calibration gas (0.0018% carbon monoxide, 20.9% O2, 0.09% CO2, balance nitrogen) 6665-99-843-1945 9300-1022 PID-AH lamp cleaning kit   9100-2060/SP PID-AH replacement spring   9300-1021 PID-AH stack removal tool 4240-99-316-8128 2533-1008 PID particulate filter 4820-99-843-1941 6000-0123 Pressure regulator, inlet pressure 300 Bar, outlet pressure 0 to 10Bar. For use with nitrogen and/or compressed air 4240-99-406-2207 A5S3ASN8A Replacement 5S3 CO2 full sensor module 4240-99-188-6189 ACGSDA/1 Replacement ACG+ display module - configured for CO2, O2, CO, VOC and water vapour 4240-99-243-0249 6000-0096 Replacement activated charcoal filter 4240-99-959-0796 9100-2030A


    Replacement MEC CO cell (electrochemical)

    6515-99--990-0673 9100-9212-9HM Replacement MEC O2 cell  (electrochemical)   600-0094EXC Replacement water vapour sensor 6140-99-155-2148 P0149-605LS Spare lithium ion battery and charger 6140-99-396-2995 P0149-605NS Spare nickel hybride battery and charger 5340-99-731-3205 P0075-615 Wall mounting fixing kit 6665-99-483-3116 SA7L110174 Zero calibration gas (8% O2, balance nitrogen)

    ADM Aspida




    Replacement O2 sensor and extraction tool

    P0132-603 Battery back up (comprises two NiMH re-chargeable AA cells)

    PGA-401DK - Dual Calibration Adaptor

    Dual calibration adaptor


    PGA-401SK - Single Calibration Adapter

    Single calibration adaptor

    PGA-611 CO2 calibration gas kit comprising: 1 x 20 l 3% CO2 in N2, 1 x 20 l 100% N2, 1 x fine control valve and tubing
    P0132-401 Optional bracket set (to replace ties and toe bases). Includes 2 x brackets, 4 x M4x6mm pozi pan screws and 4 x M4 split washers
    2822-0035 Replacement universal PSU, 9V DC
    P0132-602 ADM fixing kit
    9300-1008K Aspida download kit comprising: 1 x software disk, 1 x USB lead

    ATA Pro

    NATO stock numberReferenceDescription
    6630-99-312-4515 8000-0075A


    Dual flow adaptor

    6630-99-878-8706 8000-6040A


    Black sample dome adaptor

    6515-99-613-4282 9100-4535


    Replacement helium sensor

    6515-99-463-8562 9100-9212-94


    Replacement oxygen sensor

    6630-99-878-8706 MIO2HO


    Replacement tubing (per meter)

    6630-99-958-5670 SA2ATACASE



    Peli storage case with foam insert

      6000-0197K Optional DIN flow restrictor kit

    CO Clear



    Replacement CO sensor


    SA7L20153K - Calibration gas kit

    Calibration gas kit for air diving - includes zero gas, span gas and control valve


    SA7L20151K - Test kit for air and saturation diving

    Test kit for air and saturation diving

    HYP Portable

    2557-1855 Hyperbarically tested PP3 battery
    8000-0011GA Spare flow adaptor
    9100-92125H Spare O2 cell
    GENPISDK Sample draw kit consisting of flow adaptor, aspirator bulb, 2m neoprene tubing and stainless steel probe
    SA7100HYP CALKIT Calibration kit comprising of 110l 21% oxygen balance nitrogen, 0.5l/minute flow regulator to fit 100 litre bottle, push in flow adaptor, 1 metre of tubing and trimming tool

    MEC oxygen

    NATO stock numberReferenceDescription
    6515-99-990-0673 9100-9212-9HM O2 sensor for use within the O2 MEC sensor module

    O2EII Pro

    NATO stock numberReferenceDescription
    6615-99-148-5260 9100-9220-9B


    O2EII sensor
    (Note: Sensors should only be purchased when required. Analox Military Systems do not recommend that spare sensors are bought when purchasing your O2EII Pro and cannot credit sensors if incorrect orders have been placed.)

      2836-HYGRO Hygro-thermometer


    Sensor saver plug (push-in type)

      M02-422 Spare O2EII dome


    EII peli case with foam insert


    Spares and accessories matrix for the O2NE+

    SDA range

    XK0-662 24V DC UK plug panel mount power supply 40W
    XK0-667 24V DC universal plug panel mount power supply 40W
    2533-1005 Power supply filter for bridge and deck zone use (Lloyds test spec 1 compliance)
    8000-0069A Flow adaptor
    SDAMONCON SDA Phoenix connector pack
    SDAOMCURRENT 4-20mA output module with 2 off relays

    Sub Aspida                       

    NATO stock numberReferenceDescription
    6665-99-959-0988 SAACAAA5501A Sub Aspida 0-5% CO2, 0-100% O2 version with belt clip and UK charger


    Replacement O2 sensor and extraction kit


    9300-1008K - Aspida download kit

    Aspida download kit, comprising 1x software disk, 1x USB lead


    2822-0005A - replacement 9V DC UK charger

    Replacement 9V DC UK charger

      2822-0007A Replacement 9V DC Euro charger

    2822-008A - replacement 9V DC US charger

    Replacement 9V DC US charger


    2822-0011A - replacement 9V DC AUScharger

    Replacement 9V DC Australia charger


    PGA-401DK - Dual Calibration Adaptor

    Dual calibration adapter

      PGA-611 CO2 calibration gas kit - 1x 201 3% CO2 in N2, 1x201 100% N2, 1x fine control valve and tubing
      PSA-612 O2 calibration gas kit - 1x 201 3% O2 in N2, 1x201 100% N2, 1x fine control valve and tubing

    9300-1009K - Wall mount clip

    Wall mount clip

    Sub MKIIIF

    MIRBGNX4S 0 to 50mBar CO2 sensor in N2
    SA1HAT690 Spare temperature and humidity sensor for REM2

    FSUB 607 - Spare cable DMC to REM1 or REM2

    Spare cable DCM to REM1 or REM2


    FSUB 608 - Spare cable from REM2 to REM1

    Spare cable from REM2 to REM1

    FSUB-609 Spare cable DCM to terminal
    2822-0019A Universal in-line power adaptor 24V 65W
    2822-0023 DIN rail mount power adaptor
    8000-0069A Flow adaptor

    Sub MKIIP

    NATO stock numberReferenceDescription
    6665-99-496-6285 SA1W75SR60N561

    Sub MkIIP:
    O2: 0-2000mBar ppO2
    CO2: 0-10% SEV ppCO2
    Depth: 0 to 90MSW
    Temp: 0 – 40 Deg C
    With datalogging capability

    6630-99-811-2621 SA1W75SR60N541C Sub MkIIP:
    O2: 0-200% SEV ppO2
    CO2: 0-10% SEV ppCO2
    Depth: 0.8 to 10Bar A
    Temp: 0 – 40 Deg C
    With datalogging capability
    6630-01-532-7090 SA1W75SR60N564 Sub MkIIP: O2: 0-200% SEV ppO2
    CO2: 0-10% SEV ppCO2
    Depth: 0-300 FSW
    Temp: 32 to 104 Deg F
    With datalogging capability
    6135-99-601-9197 AS2-607 Sub MKIIP power pack (UK Navy only)
    6135-00-835-7210 2557-4625 Sub MkIIP pressure tested D cells
    6930-99-515-8269 SA8W75SR60N541C Sub Trainer
      SA2W75UNIPOWER  Universal power cable
      SAW75USPOWER  US power cable
      SAEPAS2602  Data download cable
      SAEPAS2605  DC power cable
      SUBCAL  Annual calibration of Sub MkIIP unit