Iain Farrell - Director of Projects

Iain Farrell

Iain Farrell joined Analox as Senior Project Manager in March 2015, before becoming Director of Projects in June 2016.

Iain leads the Development Group, which perform the project engineering work for mechanical, electronic and software development.

He also works with the sales and operations teams to ensure that projects are completed on time, right first time and on budget.

Iain finds the managing aspect of his role really satisfying and as the team and the company grow as a whole, he helps put in place better project controls.

Iain has previously worked in the projects department for a number of startups, agencies and tech businesses of different sizes including LBi Digitas, MOO print and Canonical, the company that maintains the Ubuntu project. His past experience has provided him with the opportunity to develop physical and software products and combine them into powerful products and services.

Iain attended the University of Glasgow and studied a range of humanities topics before settling on Scottish Literature. He attained a PRINCE2 Practitioner qualification in 2006 and has also delivered web apps and desktop operating systems.

Iain lives in Great Broughton and has a huge interest in technology. Iain enjoys photography and making home movies and he has a passion for motorcycles which started in his late twenties. He once met American comic book writer Stan Lee, the co-creator of Spider-Man and said that he found him to be every bit as wonderful a man as you see in the movies, dispelling the myth that you should never meet your heroes. He believes you should have them and seek them out.

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