US Navy gas detection solutions

Analox Military Systems has been supplying gas detection solutions to the US Navy since the late 1990s.

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We specialise in supplying hyperbaric atmosphere gas detection for submarines - from emergency portable analysers for use in a distressed submarine (DISSUB) event, through to custom-designed systems for use in submarine rescue vehicles. Some of the gas detection solutions we have provided to the US Navy are described below:


In 2005 Analox Military Systems began to supply the US Navy with the Sub MkIIP for use in the event of a DISSUB. This unit offers continuous real-time monitoring of the atmosphere inside the submarine escape compartment and acts as a vital decision-making aid for the Senior Survivor.

The Sub MkIIP replaces the original Sub E-IR15P. It is smaller, lighter and offers longer battery endurance on half the batteries.

The effectiveness of the Sub MkIIP has been proven through several simulated DISSUB exercises in Norway, the USA and Italy.

The sensors within the analyser operate by diffusion. Annual factory maintenance is required, to ensure the performance of the O2, CO2 and pressure sensors throughout their service life.

Several versions of the Sub MkIIP are available under a NATO stock number.

Sub MKIIP datasheet

Sub MKIIP manual

Maintenance advice

Any questions regarding replacement/return of a US Navy Analox monitor should be directed to the Naval Inventory Control Point Logistics Manager (717 605-1960).

Submarine Rescue Diving and Recompression System (SRDRS)

The US Navy’s Submarine Rescue Diving and Recompression System (SRDRS), currently under the management of Phoenix International, has been fitted with custom-designed versions of Analox’s portable and fixed hyperbaric gas analysers.

The Pressurized Rescue Module (PRM) developed by Oceanworks, is designed to descend to the DISSUB, mate with the escape hatch and enable the transfer of the crew, under pressure, from the DISSUB into the Surface Decompression System (SDS).

Within the PRM the escapees are held within a chamber compartment which is designed to be held at the same pressure as they were exposed to on the DISSUB. Analox has supplied a version of the Sub MkIIF hyperbaric atmosphere monitor for use within the breathing loops in the chamber compartment.

The Sub MkIIF is powered with a 24V DC supply and consists of one main panel and one remote sensor block (REM 1).

The main panel is used to power the Rem 1, adjust the audio-visual alarms, and to carry out calibration procedures on the REM 1. The REM 1 contains the O2, CO2and pressure sensors and offers the following ranges:

As a secondary measure Analox has also supplied Oceanworks with a version of the Sub MkIIP portable hyperbaric monitor. The standard unit has been modified to incorporate factory set audio-visual alarms, a data output and different ranges for O2 and CO2:

The PRM has successfully mated in various exercises including the Bold Monarch exercise in May 2011 and the Chilemar exercise in November 2011.

Sub MKIIP user manual

Sub MkIIF user manual


In November 2003, Analox Military Systems provided the Navy Experimental Diving Unit (NEDU) with the Sub MkIIP-S, a prototype variant of the Sub MkIIP for use within the dry deck shelter (DD) on US Navy Submarines.

The Sub MkIIP-S has its O2 and CO2 sensors mounted internally with an internal sample pump, in order to draw a sample from remote areas of the DDS. The sensors are ranged as follows:

Sub MkIIP-S manual

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