Sub MkIIIF for manned submersibles


The Sub MkIIIF is an essential unit when it comes to monitoring the atmosphere of your manned submersible.

The Sub MKIIIF is controlled by an operator console known as the ‘display control module’, or ‘DCM’. This displays measured parameters and alarm states sent from the remote sensor modules (REM) which are connected to it.

A REM 1 is designed to measure partial pressure oxygen, partial pressure carbon dioxide, and pressure

A REM 2 is designed to measure temperature and humidity

If the measured parameters go outside normal operating limits there are two levels of audio-visual alarm activated, on both the DCM and the REM units. These alarms are announced by audible sounders and visible alerts (indicator lamps) on the front panel of each unit, which provide warning of gas and environment alarms, communication faults and calibration/general faults.

The DCM offers datalogging capability and can provide both relay outputs and 4–20mA outputs. The DCM is powered using 24 V DC. The REMs can be powered from either the DCM or a local supply. The DCM and REM units are connected together via a communications cable.

The REM units are designed to be calibrated and maintained by the user. A calibration check is recommended prior to deployment, or once every three months.

Part Number - SA8MSUBSS351

Sub MKIIIF - diver delivery submersibles

The SubMkIIIF is ideal for hyperbaric atmosphere monitoring in a diver lockout submersible. The drawing below shows two separate Sub MkIIIF systems  - one for routine monitoring of the lock-in/lock-out compartment and one for monitoring the emergency breathing system.

Each system includes:

1 x DCM connected to 2 x REM1 and 1 x REM2 (note that both DCMs are located in the command compartment)

Lock-in/lock-out (LILO) compartment

Dedicated to monitoring O2, CO2 and pressure in the LILO and Swimmer compartments, plus temperature and humidity in the LILO compartment.

The REMs are monitoring the local environment via diffusion. They will provide a local readout and local alarms.

Emergency breathing system (EBS)

Dedicated to monitoring O2, CO2 and pressure in the EBS in the LILO and Swimmer compartments, plus temperature and humidity in the Swimmer compartment.

The REM 1 units are connected into the EBS pipework, the REM 2 is monitoring temperature and humidity via diffusion.

Diver delivery drawing

REM1 sensor range

REM2 sensor range

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Spares and accessories

Contact us if you would like to order or need any additional information about our spares and accessories range

MIRBGNX4S 0 to 50mBar CO2 sensor in N2
SA1HAT690 Spare temperature and humidity sensor for REM2

FSUB 607 - Spare cable DMC to REM1 or REM2

Spare cable DCM to REM1 or REM2


FSUB 608 - Spare cable from REM2 to REM1

Spare cable from REM2 to REM1

FSUB-609 Spare cable DCM to terminal
2822-0019A Universal in-line power adaptor 24V 65W
2822-0023 DIN rail mount power adaptor
8000-0069A Flow adaptor

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