COSAMS - not hydrogen sensitive

Submarine gas sensor - COSAMS

The COSAMS submarine gas sensor (carbon monoxide submarine atmosphere monitoring system) offers continuous real-time monitoring of carbon monoxide (CO) in the living accommodation and machinery spaces on submarines. As it is not sensititive to hydrogen (often used in fuel cells), like many carbon monoxide monitors are, the COSAMS will not produce 'false positives'.

Carbon monoxide can be generated on a submarine in several ways, from cooking and fire, to the incomplete combustion of diesel fuel and chlorate candles (which are used to generate oxygen).

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Key features of the COSAMS

Gases monitored

Where can it be used?

Two COSAMS units should be fitted in a submarine, one mounted to the fore, in the accommodation area, and the other aft, in the engine room. Each COSAMS indicates the local CO concentration on a colour LCD and transmits a corresponding 4-20mA signal to the submarine’s Central Air Monitoring System.


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