NATO Stock Numbers

 Here are the NATO stock numbers for our relevant products. 

Product  NATO stock numberAnalox corresponding part number Notes 
Sub EIR15P 6630-99-960-2694


This product is now obsolete and has been replaced by the Sub MkIIP
Sub MkIIP 6665-99-496-6285 SA1W75SR60N561

O2: 0-2000mBar ppO2
CO2: 0-10% SEV ppCO2
Depth: 0 to 90MSW
Temp: 0 – 40 Deg C
With datalogging capability

Sub MkIIP 6630-99-811-2621 SA1W75SR60N541C

Submarine escape monitor:
O2: 0-200% SEV ppO2
CO2: 0-10% SEV ppCO2
Depth: 0.8 to 10Bar A
Temp: 0 – 40 Deg C
With datalogging capability

Sub MkIIP  6630-01-532-7090  SA1W75SR60N564

Submarine escape monitor:
O2: 0-200% SEV ppO2
CO2: 0-10% SEV ppCO2
Depth: 0-300 FSW 
Temp: 32 to 104 Deg F
With datalogging capability

Sub MkIIP power pack 6135-99-601-9197 AS2-607 Consists of four hyperbarically tested D cells
UK Navy only
Sub MkIIP pressure tested D cells 6135-00-835-7210 2557-4625  
Sub Trainer 6930-99-515-8269
SA8W75SR60N541C O2 0.0 to 200.0% SEV ppO2
CO2 0.0 to 10.0% SEV ppCO2
Depth 0.8 to 10 BarA
Temp 0.0 to 40.0C
With datalogging capability
This unit is not hyperbarically tested
100HYP (Torr) 6665-99-663-5701 SAN01CK13N852 UK MoD
101D2  6630-99-K01-6809  SAJ01BG70N861   
O2 sensor for use within the 101D2 6630-99-786-7443 9100-9212-4  
5D O2 sensor 6515-99-K02-4558 9100-9212-5D Superseded with 9100-9212-5AD
Hyperbaric O2 sensor 6515-99-246-2611 9100-9212-9HSUB  
O2 sensor for 100 Hyp MkII 6630-99-213-5974 9100-9212-9H Suitable for 0-2000 mBar and 100 Hyp MkII (Torr) versions


6680-99-443-0222 SA1N01BG96N008  
O2EII sensor
6615-99-148-5260 9100-9220-9B  
ATA 6630-99-219-6922 SAIT38MA97N401D The ATA has now been superseded by the ATA Pro, however we continue to support this product.
ATA O2 sensor 6515-99-463-8562 9100-9212-94
ATA helium sensor 6515-99-613-4282 9100-4535
Peli-box with foam insert to house ATA 6630-99-958-5670 SA2ATACASE
ATA dual flow adaptor 6630-99-312-4515 8000-0075A
ATA black sample dome adaptor 6630-99-878-8706 8000-6040A
Replacement tubing 6630-99-878-8706  MIO2HO  Various applications including the ATA 
O2NE Quick connect repeater 5820-99-726-7669 REP1QXX01  
Repeater extension cable kit 5995-99-308-1434 9300-5010  
8m length quick connect repeater cable 5995-99-241-7754 9300-5004  
Sub Aspida 0 to 100% O2 version with wall clip and Euro charger
9930-99-894-1498 SAACAAA1101B  
Sub Aspida 0 to 100% O2 version with wall clip and US charger
4220-99-301-6970 SAACAAA5601B  
Sub Aspida 0-5% CO2, 0-100% O2 version with belt clip and UK charger 6665-99-959-0988 SAACAAA5501A
O2 sensor for use within the O2 MEC sensor module 6515-99-990-0673 9100-9212-9HM  
Inlet/calibration adaptor for ACG+ 6665-99-507-4401  6000-0201   
0.5LPM 110 bottle regulator for ACG+ 4820-99-958-7468  SA7L705XFLIND   
Zero calibration gas (8% O2, balance nitrogen) for ACG+ 6665-99-483-3116  SA7L110173   
Nitrogen background span calibration gas (0.0018% carbon monoxide, 20.9% O2, 0.09% CO2, balance nitrogen) for ACG+ 6665-99-234-5981  SA7L110173   
PID particulate filter for ACG+  4240-99-316-8128  2533-1008   
MEC VOC cell (PID) for ACG+ 4240-99-350-5887  9100-2060   
Drager oil impactor, pack of 10 for ACG+ 4240-99-555-4691 9100-3501   
Replacement 5S3 CO2 full sensor module for ACG+ 4240-99-406-2207 A5S3ASN8A   
Replacement ACG+ display module - configured for CO2, O2, CO, VOC and water vapour  4240-99-188-6189  ACGSDA/1   
Replacement MEC O2 cell (electrochemical) for ACG+  6515-99-990-0673  9100-9212-9HM   
Replacement MEC CO cell (electrochemical) for ACG+  4240-99-959-0796 9100-2030   
Replacement activated charcoal filter for ACG+  4240-99-243-0249  6000-0096   
Inlet filter for ACG+  4240-99-171-9381  6000-0102   
MEC O2 full sensor module for ACG+  4240-99-154-7773  MECO2ABAP   
MEC CO full sensor module for ACG+  4240-99-162-8490  MECCOBBAP   
MEC VOC full sensor module for ACG+  4240-99-313-5146  MECVOCBAP