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Manned Submersibles

Manned submersibles are employed to carry out various roles including:

  • Submarine escape and rescue
  • Deployment of special forces
  • Research
  • Tourist submarines

AMS can offer solutions whether you need to monitor a 1 atmosphere compartment, as in a tourist or research submersible, or a hyperbaric rescue or diver lockout compartment. We can offer primary monitoring and back up systems.

The diagram below shows a typical Sub MkIIIF system used in an SRV. In this example the Sub MkIIIF is used as a monitoring device and as an oxygen controller.



The Sub Aspida portable monitor is perfect as a back up system to the primary monitoring in the pilot compartment. It can be used at pressures around 1 atmosphere.

As a compact oxygen and carbon dioxide monitor, it is ideal as the primary monitoring device for a research or tourist submarine.

Should you have specific requirements for your manned submersible then please contact the AMS team who will be happy to assist you.


Our Products

  • Sub MkIIIF

    Sub MkIIIF

  • Sub Aspida

    Sub Aspida

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