Manned submersibles

Manned submersibles are employed to carry out various roles including:

Analox Military Systems can offer atmosphere monitoring solutions whether you need to monitor a 1-atmosphere compartment, like in a tourist or research submersible, or a hyperbaric multi-compartment submarine rescue vehicle (SRV) or diver lock-out submersible. 

Hyperbaric multi-compartment submersibles would typically use the Sub MkIIIF as the primary atmosphere monitoring system, with the Sub Aspida portable monitor used as a back-up to the primary monitoring in the pilot compartment.

Single compartment 1 atmosphere submersibles like tourist or research submarines would typically keep a Sub Aspida within their survival pack, and may also use this as their primary monitoring system. Alternatively we have produced systems to specific customer requirements (bespoke design service) for monitoring the submersible itself, and the BIBS.

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