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Routine Atmosphere Monitoring

Whether it's a nuclear or diesel-electric submarine, routine monitoring of the atmosphere is essential for the safety and life support of the crew. Decisions are made and actions taken based on contaminants reaching maximum permissible concentrations (MPCs) typically set for 90 days, 24 hours and 60 minutes.

The unique nature of a submarine environment can present a multitude of problems for standard off the shelf sensor technology including:

  • Cross sensitivity to other gases
  • Pressure changes onboard the submarine leading to false alarms
  • High temperatures within certain compartments
  • Stringent requirements in terms of material selection and shock compliance

AMS understands these issues and can offer a number of fixed and portable monitoring solutions, or a tailored bespoke design service.

Our Products

  • GFC CO monitor

    GFC CO monitor

  • Local Air Monitoring System

    Local Air Monitoring System

  • Sub Aspida

    Sub Aspida



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