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The quality of the atmosphere is vital to the well being of the crew whilst they are living and working on board.  Analox specialise in gas sensing and monitoring equipment for this niche application. Detection of contaminants on board can not only have a health effect on the submariners but can also be used to indicate failures in machinery and plant equipment.  

As a result, submariners need equipment which is capable of operating within the submarine environment which can cope with the presence of interfering gases, the dynamic temperature and pressure range, and will continue to operate reliably for the entire patrol.

AMS offer various fixed and portable analysers suitable for routine monitoring of the submarine environment, for use during submarine escape & rescue, or use within a  manned submersible vehicles. If you have a specific requirment that we have not already addressed, please contact us, we can offer bespoke design solutions.

Some of our standard commercial off the shelf products include:

  • Sub MkIIP, specifically designed for Submarine Escape situations and it is the only analyser that meets the NATO STANAG 1320 Ed.4
  • Sub Aspida, this compact portable O2/CO2 monitor is ideal for confined space entry onboard a submarine or as a backup to a central air monitoring system.
  • CO Monitoring, AMS offer two infra red sensor options for CO detection on board a submarine

Visit each of the sub service pages for further details or contact us to discuss your requirements in further detail.


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