ACG+ - Dry deck shelter contaminant monitor


The ACG+ is a unique compressed breathing air monitor for monitoring contaminants in diving cylinders on dry deck shelters/systems; ensuring that the air delivered to your divers before they head out on missions is clean and safe.

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JFD Australia use the ACG+ multi-sensor gas compressor analyser and say: "The ACG+ samples faster, datalogs results, reduces costs and is far more accurate than tube samples. The ACG+ is simple to use, operator friendly and portable." as well as "The (ACG+'s) data-logging capability is a major draw as well as being able to do away with detector tubes"

Des Mullan from The Joint Service Sub Aqua Diving Centre says "The ACG+ is a step forward in air testing technology and offers best practice and a high level of assurance."

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Key features of the ACG+ dry deck shelter contaminant monitor

Gases and contaminants monitored

Where can it be used?

The ACG+ is most commonly situated in the compressor room but when used portably it can be used in most environments.

Technical information

NATO stock numbers

NATO stock numbers for the ACG+

Spares and accessories

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'What is calibration?' video

NATO stock numberReferenceDescription
4820-99-958-7468 SA7L705XFLIND 0.5LPM 100L bottle regulator
  ACG1/4BSPFA 1/4" BSP female inlet adaptor
  ACG1/4BSPMA 1/4" BSP male inlet adaptor
  ACG1/4NPTFA 1/4" NPT female inlet adaptor
  ACG1/4NPTMA 1/4" NPT male inlet adaptor
  9300-1020 30mm open ended spanner
  P0075-455K Ambient air humidifier kit
  6000-0129 Calibration adaptor
  2562-0008 Combined beacon/sounder 24V DC IP65
4240-99-55-4691 9100-3501 Draeger oil impactor, pack of 10
  9100-2060/ES Electrode stack
6130-99-290-5150 ACGEXTPSU External power supply for fixed only
6130-99-907-1799 ACGPEXTPSU External power supply for fixed or portable
  9100-3500 Gastec Airtec tube (oil mist) 109A pack of 10
6665-99-507-4401 6000-0201 Inlet/calibration adaptor
4240-99-171-9381 6000-0102 Inlet particle filter element
  9100-2060/LP Lamp
6665-99-932-8196 P0149-605L Lithium ion battery and charger
4240-99-162-8490 MECCOBBAP MEC CO full sensor module
4240-99-154-7773 MECO2ABAP MEC O2 full sensor module
4240-99-313-5146 MECVOCBAP MEC VOC full sensor module
4240-99-350-5887 9100-2060 MEC VOC cell (PID)
6665-99-155-2146 P0149-605N Nickel hybride battery and charger
6665-99-234-5981 SA7L110173 Nitrogen background span calibration gas (0.0018% carbon monoxide, 20.9% O2, 0.09% CO2, balance nitrogen)
6665-99-843-1945 9300-1022 PID-AH lamp cleaning kit
  9100-2060/SP PID-AH replacement spring
  9300-1021 PID-AH stack removal tool
4240-99-316-8128 2533-1008 PID particulate filter
4820-99-843-1941 6000-0123 Pressure regulator, inlet pressure 300 Bar, outlet pressure 0 to 10Bar. For use with nitrogen and/or compressed air
4240-99-406-2207 A5S3ASN8A Replacement 5S3 CO2 full sensor module
4240-99-188-6189 ACGSDA/1 Replacement ACG+ display module - configured for CO2, O2, CO, VOC and water vapour
4240-99-243-0249 6000-0096 Replacement activated charcoal filter
4240-99-959-0796 9100-2030A


Replacement MEC CO cell (electrochemical)

6515-99--990-0673 9100-9212-9HM Replacement MEC O2 cell  (electrochemical)
  600-0094EXC Replacement water vapour sensor
6140-99-155-2148 P0149-605LS Spare lithium ion battery and charger
6140-99-396-2995 P0149-605NS Spare nickel hybride battery and charger
5340-99-731-3205 P0075-615 Wall mounting fixing kit
6665-99-483-3116 SA7L110174 Zero calibration gas (8% O2, balance nitrogen)

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