ATA Pro trimix analyser


The ATA Pro is a compact, lightweight, portable trimix analyser which provides readings of oxygen (O2), helium (He) and balance gas in one rugged, durable unit.

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Key features of the ATA Pro trimix analyser

Gases monitored

Where can it be used?

The ATA Pro trimix analyser can be easily carried wherever and whenever you dive.

Technical information

NATO stock numbers

NATO stock numbers for the ATA Pro

Spares and accessories

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NATO stock numberReferenceDescription
6630-99-312-4515 8000-0075A


Dual flow adaptor

6630-99-878-8706 8000-6040A


Black sample dome adaptor

6515-99-613-4282 9100-4535


Replacement helium sensor

6515-99-463-8562 9100-9212-94


Replacement oxygen sensor

6630-99-878-8706 MIO2HO


Replacement tubing (per meter)

6630-99-958-5670 SA2ATACASE



Peli storage case with foam insert

  6000-0197K Optional DIN flow restrictor kit

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