At Analox Military Systems, we have developed and supplied unrivalled gas analysers for military diving for over thirty years. We offer the perfect choice of analysers for air and saturation divers in a number of fields including: police diving, army diving, navy diving as well as offering a bespoke design capability.

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From surface-supplied and mixed-gas through to saturation dive systems and rebreathers, our products are guaranteed to look after the air you breathe. 

We have gained an enviable reputation as a globally recognised brand with extensive experience in gas monitoring, and monitors used on hundreds of surface-supplied diving systems around the world. We have successfully designed, developed and delivered gas monitoring and diving control systems capable of working at pressures up to 60BarA, reliably and accurately, whilst conforming to Lloyds and DNV requirements. Our monitors are used by mine clearance divers, search and rescue, naval salvage and special operations to name a few.

Our gas monitoring solutions for divers and diving systems

Our off the shelf solutions are designed to monitor oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), helium (He), pressure, temperature, humidity and hydrocarbons. In additional, our bespoke diving systems design capability ensures our expertise is the first choice for specialist gas monitoring. A number of our monitors are now NATO coded. Our systems generally provide one or more of the following life-safety functions for diving environments:

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