The military markets we serve

We serve a wide range of markets within the military including submarines, diving, military aircraft and military vehicles.

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We have developed and supplied gas monitors for the military diving market for the past thirty years, ensuring the safety of divers worldwide.

We specialise in designing and manufacturing monitoring systems on board submarines, from day-to-day gas analysis, to submarine rescue systems which are used in DISSUB situations.

We have experience of creating monitors for the deployment of special forces, making sure that not only the air in diving cylinders is safe, but diving chambers are free from contaminants.

Our compressed breathing air monitors are used across a variety of military applications to ensure that breathing air is free of contaminants including carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, oil mist and water vapour.

Our monitors are used in the military air sector to monitor levels of oxygen and ensure the well-being of aircrew.

We create gas sensors and detectors which are used to monitor the quality of the air in land vehicles including armoured vehicles, bunkers, citadels and safe havens.

We are also capable of creating bespoke gas monitoring solutions which are specific to your exact requirements.

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