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Analox Military Systems (AMS) was founded as a division within Analox Ltd in 2011. AMS was launched with the purpose of specifically meeting the gas analysis requirements of the military market, be they on land, sea or air.

The gas monitoring equipment developed by AMS is used in the life support systems of our clients to both protect and sustain lives. Our manufacturing and service centre is fully compliant with all UK export licensing requirements and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

At AMS, we are wholly committed to pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in hostile, safety critical environments. Not only do we develop cutting-edge gas monitoring equipment as standard, but we can also provide you with bespoke solutions to meet specific needs.

The remainder of our site contains detailed information on the areas in which we operate. Take the time to discover how we can assist in your exact situation.

Our current gas detection solutions span the following markets: submarines, diving, breathing air, land vehicles and aircraft

Our Markets

  • Submarines


    Monitor submarine atmospheres and detect harmful contaminants.

  • Diving


    Safety critical gas analysers for use in air and saturation diving.

  • Breathing Air

    Breathing Air

    Detect dangerous breathing air contaminants and safeguard your breathing air.

  • Air


    Conduct atmosphere monitoring of hypobaric chambers and of breathing air on aircraft.

  • Land


    High-tech sensors and gas detection systems for military land vehicles.

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